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Return: Anyone there?!

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Corsair, I'm very disappointed.


I created a ticket roughly 12 days ago to return the headset I bought from your website. Someone responded saying give it 24-48 hours and someone will get in touch with you. I gave it 6 days before I decided to make another ticket.


The next ticket is going through the same thing and I created it roughly 6 days ago.


I've tried calling multiple times and always hung up around 10 minutes and 15 minutes. Finally I said enough is enough and waited on the phone. Someone picked up after 33minutes.


The person told me that he is TIER 1 and that my issue is TIER 2... Jesus. How much more difficult can you guys make your return system? So he said he put my ticket at "high priority" and that I should "hopefully" hear back soon.


I have a week left before the "30-day return guarantee" is over. I hope in a week you don't tell me that it has been over 30 days and you can't help me.


This is unacceptable and I'm not sure if I'll be purchasing any corsair products in the future.


Order Number : 4000188848

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Hi Munchiiz

I got almost the same problem. I need to exchange my H100i Cooler. My PC is a potatoe atm due to cooling Issues. Ticket is 6 Days in the line. The Mail said, they will respond in 2-3 Days.


Nothing but Thumbleweed...

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Hi Marine,


Yea, this blows. I check my email all the time and no reply yet. I don't feel like submitting another ticket because they will just say the same thing again - "Someone will get in touch with you in 24-48 hours" - then vanish.

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