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  1. I created my ticket 2001181154 almost 4 days ago but I haven't heard back from them and I can't seem to find a way to access the ticket's status on their support site either.
  2. Try changing your mouse profile to another one. Worked on my Ironclaw; certain profiles enter random characters instead of performing back/forward.
  3. The mousewheel on my Ironclaw Wireless just broke midway through scrolling, feels like the shaft snapped. What's it made of? Dry twigs?
  4. Same problem! Midway through scrolling and something suddenly felt off, looked closer to notice that the wheel has been depressed into the slot and is not rolling correctly anymore. Mouse was purchased end of last November!
  5. Wow...thanks! I wasn't aware that renaming it was an available feature. Suggestion to perhaps let us right click the icon/picture of the device to rename too? :)
  6. Why on earth does iCUE keep adding (1) to the end of the device name? How can I fix this? :confused:
  7. I'm using the Strafe and am still getting the flickering as well as the other issues I pointed out above. The silence from the Corsair team is quite disappointing. It's as if they are trying to sweep the issues under the rug instead of admitting/fixing them.
  8. FWIW, I've used Rapr https://driverstoreexplorer.codeplex.com/ to remove faulty drivers on my system previously.
  9. Bumping this thread to ask if there is an official fix or statement regarding the above bugs. I've since updated my OS to Win 10 and my keyboard is on the latest drivers and CUE2. Random flickers, partially lit keys, and the remapped windows key issues still remain.
  10. From a UI/UX designer's perspective. Corsair (and other gaming companies are guilty of this too) should just stick with using the native Windows design language that follows design conventions about where options should be instead of trying for that "unique, edgy, gamer-y" feel. People being able to guess where items are is half the battle won against confusing interfaces.
  11. Wow...I'm pretty cross about how all my customised profiles from CUE1 were wiped out when I upgraded to CUE2. I expected it to be smart enough to auto-import them or at least WARN before deleting my profiles.
  12. Bugs with CUE software 1) I set the FN key to "Right GUI" (Windows key). Shortcuts work but the problem is it works differently from the other normal (left) Windows key. For example pressing Winkey+E on the left Windows key will bring up File Explorer as it should, however, pressing the remapped FN key+E will bring up the File Explorer and open the Start menu. 2) Cloned modes share the same Reactive Lighting settings as the one it was cloned from with no way of changing it without it affecting the one that it was cloned from as well.
  13. 1) Yes, I was looking through the other threads too...I hope the cause will be pinpointed and fixed soon. :) 2) Sure thing but it seems to happen in any profile that has the logo in certain colours. Thanks for your help either way. :) Custom.prf
  14. Just got my spanking new Strafe RGB (Red switches) a few days ago and swapped in some fancy keycaps. All was well until I noticed a couple of annoying issues. 1) The lights on random keys seem to flicker on and then off quickly I usually spot them out of the corner of my eye but they seem to flicker green. 2) Setting the top left Corsair logo to any colour that requires red value of more than 0 (e.g. white, yellow, orange, purple, etc.) will cause some other keys to light up in dim red (right application menu key, Numpad 1,2,6). This happens even with the default effects. I've tried replugging in the keyboard and updating CUE to the latest .86 version. http://i.imgur.com/QH36ZSJ.jpg / http://i.imgur.com/pAwbUpE.jpg Are these known issues or should I get a RMA? The thought of having to reinstalling all the stock keycaps again isn't fun...
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