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K65 LUX RGB default lights dont work till i login in to desktop


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Okay so i bought the k65 LUX RGB from ebay and the seller said its only been used for a day and then moved to the side till i bought it.


Anyways when I plugged it in for the 1st time on my PC the default lights already werent working, but when i reset the keyboard by unplugging it and holding esc it started to work.


The red/white default lights work now and I installed iCUE and just set up the 1st RGB lighting settings used the keyboard to game at night and that was it turned my PC off and went to sleep.


Now the next day I turn my PC on and again the default lights dont work at all until i login on my desktop and let RGB profile from iCUE lights up the keyboard. Is this normal? Ive never owned an RGB keyboard and new to iCUE.


I reset the keyboard again and made sure to not touch iCUE and just let the profile i already set up yesterday to do its thing, again the default lights work, login to my desktop and the iCUE profile kicks in and my keyboard is on RGB WAVE.


After this I shut my PC off and waited a few mins and turned it back on to see if the default lights work (it did) when my PC is just starting up from windows logo to login the keyboard was lit, from my experience from my old k70 “red lights only” it was always and should be automatically lighting up to its default setting yes? And not being dead lights until i actually login to my desktop and waiting for the iCUE to power up the lights.


This happened twice already so I am sure it will happen again and need help if anyone had this happened to them.. and how to fix it


Sorry if it confuses some people i will try to get a video of it when if it happens again.

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