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Mute key, volume key up and down, Windows lock key not working

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1.I don't use chrome

2.Human Interface Device Service is enable

3.FN+F9~F10 is working

4.test in windows 8.1 and 10

5.BIOS mode is 1ms

6.try reset keyborad but still not working


7.firmware update still not working

8.reset icue still not working

9.remove human interface devices (hid) and reinstall still not working

10.change BIOS mode to 125hz not work

11.change back to 1000hz not work

I buy K65 lux in 2019/09/24


should I RMA?


3 month ago is working, I didn't touch mute key volume key up and down and Windows lock key for a long time


today I try to install icue and found the keys not working


if icue auto firmware update maybe is icue problem but I don't know


sorry for my bad english

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