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ICUE - Void Pro USB Static Noise


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Ï've been having a problem with the ICUE program when synchronizing my Void Pro USB RGB with it.


When i first bought my headset, everything was perfect, no sound was off and the quality was great, but after i installed the ICUE program and added my headset to it, i noticed that when any sound (mostly low pitched) is played through my headset, i hear buzzing.


I have been testing this, uninstalling and installing the program over and over again, and the problem re-appears when i use ICUE.


When using ICUE, the best format of sound i can get is the DVD quality (2 channels, 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality)). But when i uninstall the program, i am able to choose a better format, which solves the problem.


Is this intended to lock me on the DVD quality as mentioned, or is there some bug that prevents me from this? I have been having this problem for 2 years now hoping for a patch, but it seems like no one is mentioning this at all on the forums.


I have tried another new Void Pro USB RGB to test, with the same result, so it is not an hardware issue.


Could i please get some help on this?


- Zidron3

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