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Carbide Air 240 and RTX2080TI


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Right now I have a Carbide Air 240 case with a GeForce GTX 980 card. I am looking to upgrade my GPU, and I am wanting to get a 2080TI, but I am unsure of what cards I would be able to fit in my case. I know the case says a 290mm card can fit, but I am using a H100i CPU cooler, it takes up a ton of room so I do not think I have the full 290mm to work with. I have barely enough room with the 980 right now.


Should I go ahead and maybe downgrade to a H80i v2 cooler, and then would I be able to a big card, or is there something else I should do.


Also is replacing an AIO cooler with another one an easy task?



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