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Open box RM1000i sold as new by an authorized reseller?


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I've recently bought a RM1000i PSU from electro.pl (store run by mediaexpert- an authorized reseller of corsair products in Poland). Here's the link: https://www.electro.pl/komputery-i-tablety/podzespoly-komputerowe/zasilacze/rm-series-1000i-w-modular-80plus-gold


Package arrived today but when I opened it some things seemed strange to me:

1) The outer box wasn't heatshrink wrapped

2) There were two "seals" (transparent tape cut into circles that have about 1-1,5" in diameter) sticked to both of the flaps holding the outer box

3) The seal that appears on the inside box that contains the lot number was cut prior to me unboxing the bloody thing

4) The felt/cotton bag was missing from inside the box. The psu came wrapped in a plastic bag surrounded by that black, squishy foam.


The PSU looks quite good. There's a small paint job chip on the back of it but that's all. No visible mounting marks. All of the stickers seems untouched (warranty, serial number and the "hybrid fan" sticker too). All of the cables seem factory wrapped, zip ties, badge- everything except the fluffy PSU bag is present.


Could someone explain to me what is going on? Another guy from Finland encountered exactly the same things wih four units. You can read about it here: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=189978


If that might be helpful I can post a video of me unboxing the PSU that shows everything I've written about it here.


Thanks for help and have a nice day,

Piotrek Modzelewski

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I would contact them in regards to why the unit wasn't sealed to see if they can exchange it for you. As for the bag, we no longer include that in any of our PSUs due to issues with that material. Since they are the reseller we don't know what they do to our products before being sent out.

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