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First time liquid cooled PC build


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Hello all...


I'm building my first gaming PC in over 15 years and this is my first time trying a custom liquid cooled loop, but I'm struggling with trying to figure out the best way to run my pipes... I ended up having to put the front radiator on with the ports at the bottom because there was not enough head-room in the case with the top-mounted radiator... this has resulting in an challenging layout, so I wanted to ask for people's advice on my initial plan and see if there's a better way to tackle this...


Here is my current plan for routing (please see attached photos for reference):


Pump Outlet -> Front Radiator Port - Bottom Left

Front Radiator Port - Bottom Right -> GPU Port - Right

GPU Port - Left -> Top Radiator Port - Right

Top Radiator Port Left -> CPU Port - Right

CPU Port - Left -> Pump Inlet - Top


I've never shaped hard-tubing before but I've watched a bunch of videos so I'm hoping I'll be able to shape things correctly...


Any thoughts?





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So yes, your way of doing it would be good.



I used 90-degrees fittings also 90-degree rotary fittings, did know I can't bend nor have the patience to nor have the time for.



On the CPU inlet, there's a Rotary 90-degree fitting as well as a 15mm extender on the inlet for the Pump/Reservoir.


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