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  1. Periodically after waking from either sleep or hibernate, the mouse and/or the keyboard will not work, and I have to unplug one or both of them to get them to turn back on. The lights will turn on briefly when first waking, but then they will go out and will not come back on no matter, and will not transit input to the computer, no matter how many times I click / move / type... the only way to get them back online is to unplug / re-plug them into the computer. Anyone else have this issue? Any ideas how to fix?
  2. So, after 20 days of delays, trial and error, tears and hair pulling, I FINALLY got my new PC quasi-finished... Still waiting on the LED Hub so I can get the fans to light-up and do final cable-management clean-up, but other than that, things are looking good... What does everyone think?
  3. I have the Saber RGB mouse plugged into the pass-through USB port on the K70 RGB MK.2 keyboard and both USB cables (keyboard and pass-through) plugged into separate USB 3.1 ports on my motherboard. But no matter what I do, the mouse cursor intermittently jumps around the screen as I move it. I have tried unplugging and re-plugging all cables into various different configurations, and I have updated the firmware for both devices to the latest version, but nothing seems to fix the issue except bypassing the pass-through port completely and connecting the mouse directly to my motherboard... Any ideas?
  4. Ok, so it sounds like this should work then... thanks... I'll run the XC7 (CPU) -> XD5 (Pump) -> Commander Pro LED port #2
  5. So reading Zotty's guide as well as the Commander Pro manual, it sounds like I can use the LED ports 1-2 for connecting LED strips directly or via the Lighting Node Pro, or connect fans via the LED Hub... However, I can't find any mention of where to connect the Pump / CPU block LED cables... If I use port #1 on the Commander Pro for my LED Fan Hub, can I daisy-chain my CPU block to the Pump, and then connect the Pump to port #2, or do I have to get a second LED Hub or Lighting Node Pro to act as an intermediary?
  6. Ahh... ok, that makes sense... thanks for the clarification... got the Y-Splitter on order... now just waiting on Corsair to get more RGB LED Fan Hubs in stock... been waiting on mine for 2 weeks and it still says back-ordered...
  7. per Zotto's directions, it says that the Commander Pro max amperage is 4.5amps for all connected devices including the MCU... per another article I read, the XD5 is 2.5 amps, plus 6 LL fans @ 0.3amps equals 1.8amps... 2.5 + 1.8 equals 4.3amps... not sure what the internal MCU runs, but I assume its more than .2 amps... can you confirm?
  8. So this entire process continues to be an exercise in frustration.. Two steps forward, one step back... Finally got to the point where I'm trying to wire everything up and discover that I'm one fan header short and now I'm stuck trying to figure out how to proceed.. Per the XD5 directions, I need to plug its fan header connector into slot 6 on the Commander Pro, but I still have 6 LL120 Dual Light fans... so do I need to buy a 2nd Commander Pro for just a single fan header connection? ARRRRRGHHH! I've spent almost $1300 on Corsair Hydro X parts and I STILL CAN"T GET THIS TO WORK!!!
  9. Thanks everyone for the feedback... I was finally able to get the tubing to seat properly and now the fitting does not come off anymore...
  10. Hello all... I have the 14mm OD PMMA tubing from Corsair along with various XF Hardline 14mm OD fittings like this one: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Custom-Cooling/Fittings/hydro-x-fitting-config/p/CX-9052007-WW However, when I try to push the end of the tube into the fitting, it doesn't go in vey far, or is crooked, and even after tightening the O-Ring down, the fitting comes off with very little effort... What am I doing wrong?
  11. So crud... I just found out that PMMA means Acrylic... I thought it was a variant of PETG and bought the wrong type of cutting tool... Maybe that's why I'm having problems getting the tubes to seat properly in the fittings?
  12. Hey... thanks for the clarification... based on all the videos I watched on YouTube I've already gone with Corsair's 14mm PMMA tubing... I just didn't know if that referred to the inner or outer diameter as I'm trying to buy a silicone insert of the correct size... speaking of, does anyone her have any recommendations on a good place to buy a silicone insert, or a shaping kit that will fit 14mm OD / 10mm ID tubing?
  13. Finding information about these products is ridiculously complicated. Can someone please tell me if the 14mm size refers to the inner or outer diameter and then what the opposite size would be (ex: if 14mm refers to the OD, then what is the ID, and vice-versa)...
  14. For my new PC build, I have Corsair fans, pump, radiators, CPU block keyboard and mouse. However my motherboard and GPU are Aorus Xtreme and my Ram is G.Skill (all RGB). The motherboard comes with its own Fan Commander module, but I want to use the iCUE Commander Pro that I ordered with everything else. But if I do this, can I still control the RAM and GPU RGB with iCUE software, or will I have to manage those separately in the Aorus software?
  15. I got the Aorus Xtreme Waterforce WB version and it has standard G1/4 ports so it should work fine with the rest of the Corsair Hydro X loop... the only thing I'm not sure about is the RGB lighting and if it will be controllable via iCUE along with everything else...
  16. Hello all... I'm building my first gaming PC in over 15 years and this is my first time trying a custom liquid cooled loop, but I'm struggling with trying to figure out the best way to run my pipes... I ended up having to put the front radiator on with the ports at the bottom because there was not enough head-room in the case with the top-mounted radiator... this has resulting in an challenging layout, so I wanted to ask for people's advice on my initial plan and see if there's a better way to tackle this... Here is my current plan for routing (please see attached photos for reference): Pump Outlet -> Front Radiator Port - Bottom Left Front Radiator Port - Bottom Right -> GPU Port - Right GPU Port - Left -> Top Radiator Port - Right Top Radiator Port Left -> CPU Port - Right CPU Port - Left -> Pump Inlet - Top I've never shaped hard-tubing before but I've watched a bunch of videos so I'm hoping I'll be able to shape things correctly... Any thoughts?
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