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Help to choose PSU with "modern stand by" and ICU


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Hi I was looking for PSU with modern standby and find the Corsair RM models like RM650 and RM750, but I wanted use ICUE.


Which would be if exist any model with modern standby and ICUE?


If the PSU not have modern standby then are compatible Ryzen 3700X with motherboard X570 and Intel 9700K with motherboard chipset Z390 with sleep mode modern standby or low energy S0?


RM650 reference CP-9020194-EU -> Modern standby yes, ICU no - Price 104,90 € Corsair Link



RM750 reference CP-9020195-EU-> Modern standby yes, ICU no - Price 114,90 € Corsair Link



RM850 reference CP-9020196-EU-> Modern standby yes, ICU no - Price 124,90 € Corsair Link


Not is possible modern standby and ICUE? Why?


This is the Corsair information in the Overview link




Is or not needed? In the specification the "i" models not have this feature.


Best regards


P.D. Added Corsair information about "modern standby".

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I use Link and my HX1000i works with it fine


Look for the i series which support monitoring. AXi, HXi and RMi


Thanks Vegan, when you execute in MSDOS window the command powercfg -a you have active the sleepmode low energy S0?


I know the models with link are AXi, HXi and RMi series but in the Corsair specifications of this models say not have "modern standby".


1. Then not is needed for have this feature with windows 10 for meet the requirement of modern standby?


2. If I want ICUE do I have to give up modern standby?


I would lik to have both feauteres, not is possible?



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