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h150i : Silent Profile performance ?


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Small question


If I use silent profile for pump (1100RPM) when browsing or doing desktop work and switch to the balanced or extreme mode when gaming or doing heavy application will my temperature be worse than if I remained on balanced profile during non heavy work?


My rig is pretty silent and even with balanced profile I can hear the pump so I was wondering if switching between silent and extreme may give me worse temps since the coolant will be at a higher temp when i'll launch some game


With silent profile and fans around 800rpm the coolant is between 31 and 32c





I have a h150i but I got 3 ML120 RGB 2400 RPM that I put on it.


However those fans are making some noise at low RPM (around 800)




(more audible around 30s)


The fans are set inside a h500M on exhaust.


I wanted to know if that is a normal noise


Also, I have two profiles on my AIO


One silent profile with fans of the aio around 600RPM, (i can't heae the noise at thise speed) but is that enough, even on idle? my coolant temp at this speed is closing to 33c and CPU around 40c and i'm afraid that will not help the temp in game even if I switch to a faster profile when gaming





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Most H150i and H115i Pro users report zero to little difference between the Balanced 2160 and Extreme 2850 rpm speeds. High flow rate does not usually offer the same benefits as higher fan speed.


However as you know, it is possible to be to slow and the Quiet 1100 rpm pump speed is likely to create a noticeable temperature penalty at load. If it reaches 40C it should automatically cycle up, but that trigger would otherwise not be reached if you start on Balanced.


The difference in cpu temp at 31 vs 33C coolant is the same 2C. Not worth fussing about. Lower the fans.

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Ok so it's better to avoid the silent profile? But even on balanced I can hear the pump actually


Ok so I can get the fan at low speed on idle without issue, even around 600/700 rpm and switch to more agressive profile when needed?


Also is this motor noise normal? the 2400 rpm non rgb I had before seemed to be more silent

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My preference would be to avoid the lowest pump speed altogether. If you were transitioning from the desktop to a load situation (like gaming or whatever), you would need to run the fans and pump and moderate pace for 5 minutes or so to bring the coolant back down the where it otherwise would have been. Since there really isn't a auto pump switch aside from setting up specific profiles for it, I think it is more hassle than it's worth, but this is a user decision.


A pump is an electric motor and just like the corresponding version in a fan, not all things are equal at equal speeds. The vibrations may resonate differently on different motherboards and in different cases. There also seems to be quite a bit of variation in manufacturing, so I would not look too deeply here. However one thing is true -- if you crank down the fans as low as they can go, you probably will hear what's underneath. In this case that is the pump. I usually prefer a bit more fan speed to cover over the pump, but this is both fan and pump dependent.

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Thanks ! Have you listen to the file by the way ? I dont understand I had the same 2400 fans but not rgb and It was dead silent. Now I have it on balanced with fans around 600 rpm it's better but still a little noise coming from the fans .coolant at 31c
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ML fans are also going to have some measure of bearing noise because of the unique design. While they offer less noise at moderate speed, I would not suggest it for a zero noise case. It is higher in frequency and strikes some people the wrong way. It is possible you have lowered other noise levels to the point it has become apparent or it is combining with the pump frequencies in a non-desirable way. It's hard to quantify noise values on the other end of a recording, but trying to make a zero noise case is a hard game. Something in the case always has to be the loudest.
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Well it's weird because I went from those




To those :




And the previous one didn't made that noise but are the one of the H100I Platinum ML as well?


Right now I have 4 of those fans in my case. 3 on the AIO and one the back exhaust.


I know ML fans are the best for AIOS actually but for the case what would be the best choice for a good cooling / noise ratio?



Should I try to get some classic ML 120 RGB at 1600rpm for the AIO? Seems that the 2400RPM are overkill right? Maybe I'll get lucky and won't have this annoying noise?

or maybe go with LL ? What is the best option?

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On a technical level, a RGB fan is going to have a higher level of "noise" than an identical non-RGB fan. The power used to create the lighting is not free or perfect in terms of energy conversion. Certainly in the old days, you could tell a case full of LED fans from one without by the a sound you might associate with overhead office lighting. I have not really noticed this before on the current generation of RGB fans, but then I have not been looking for it at very low levels. I do think the ML series might be a bit tough for a lowest possible noise floor case.


I do think the LL would be quieter at the lowest level (600 rpm), but there likely is some small performance loss (1-2C). I am running 6 LL120 right now and do not pick up electrical hum from lighting and that have a very smooth airflow sound at the 800 minimum I use. Lower than that and I am listening to my pump, which is not something I can do anything about and not overly desirable. However, doing a full makeover to LL is an expensive proposition, so I can't tell you that is the easiest path and you should only do this if you are interested in the LL's lighting capability. I do not recommend the HD120s for you with their higher minimum speed and coarser motor sound.

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Not sure it's RGB related because i tried to turn off all RGB in commander and the noise was still there.


for now i will just leave the fan at low speed on idle I guess, around 600RPM it's not that audible and temps remains ok, around 40c CPU and 31 to 33 on coolant. is that fine?




Also, after i took apart almost all the PC for installing fans, commander and hub, I feel like the pump is more noisy than before? Is it because i moved all of it and maybe i get some air bubble?


just found this video and it's kinda the issue I have actually : [ame]

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I decided to give a shot to LL120 / 140


Just ordered 3LL120 RGB and one LL 140





ML :

Static Pressure : 1.78 mm-H2O

Airflow : 47.3 CFM


LL :

Static Pressure : 1.61 mm-H2O

Fan Airflow : 43.25 CFM



Are those enough for the AIO? I read on some test that they are poor radiator fans..


Are you sure the loss in cooling will be that minimal compared to ML? I maxed the ML I had at 1600 RPM anyways



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1) While I would not characterize the LL as great airflow fans on or off a radiator, that's not really the point. The difference between a "great radiator fan" and an average one is going to be 1-2C. That's it. On a 360mm radiator handling some nominal 95 TDP CPU, there difference may be zero. When you start getting into 500W+ loads in combination cooling systems, then you need to be more conscious of your surface area and fan set up, but for a 360mm AIO it isn't going to matter very much. That was the reason to get the 360m. You can run whatever you want. You can't do that on a single 120x25mm panel. Incidentally, the two specifications for the ML and LL above are in all practical terms identical.


2) I remember this video. It is utterly lacking in scientific merit and purpose. If the point was supposed to be the older SP120 makes less noise at the minimum possible speed than the ML at its minimum, that is probably true and what I was referencing above. Of course, most people are not overly concerned about the minimum speed and this forum is full of posts from people expressing their relief at jumping off the SP and to the ML. The sound at medium and higher speeds is quite different and that is usually more relevant to most people who can't stand the noise when at load. As I mentioned earlier, I would not use a case full of ML in a "zero noise" build or frankly any other RGB fans for the 0.1% that prioritize that aspect of the fan behavior. The "buzz" is the magnetic levitation aspect of the motor but it must keep the fan blade suspended. Like everything else, if you get rid of all the other sound, there has to be something that is the loudest. The reward is a trio of ML at medium speed make less perceived noise than 3 of most other traditional "radiator appropriate" fans.


3) This is the Corsair forums and I have confined my responses to the Corsair fans. If you want to abandon RGB and go off in search of the quietest possible fan, you can do that. Note the SP-RGB referenced in that set of data is not the same SP fan from the video. They have a completely difference blade structure and motor. Also, note the airflow difference at 1000 rpm -- it is a whopping 2.3 cfm from first to last. Cooling is not that sensitive to airflow changes. As mentioned, I am running 2 banks of LL120x3 on two 360mm radiators. It manages to keep my 475-500W of 8700K and 2080 Ti with a single digit cooling delta. At their 600 rpm minimum speed, I need to be within 12 inches of one to know if it's running. At my normal 36", I hear more noise from the street 220 ft below.



There is no free lunch in all of this. There is no fan that is top of the airflow rankings and also low on the sound pressure test. Not a coincidence. Also, be wary of sound pressure tests. That is "loudness" and very much a human perceptual value off the recording meter. In reality, we don't get aggravated by a 32 dB sound vs a 30 dB sound. It is frequency and tone that get our brains attention and there is no quantitative measure for that. If you are hearing the motor on the MLs at quiet speeds, you can elect to make a different choice. However, as I have warned from the start, something has to be the loudest thing in the case. If you remove fan noise completely, what is left? I usually recommend most people deliberately keep some level of fan "air rush noise" to cover over everything else. That is a diffuse sound and something most of us are used to. Electric pumps and HDD clicks are not.

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Great then you rassure me.

I ordered the 3x120 ll and 1x140 ll seems to be a good choice then.



Some extra question :


Would a push pull configuration on the aio will help for better temps ? If so can I plug three fans on aio and three on commander ?


Also I'm thinking of getting 3 more ll120 for front intake and replace the 2x200 but in that case I'll need an extra lighting hub or get the rgb splitter but seems hard to find it over sea.


If I do push pull and replace front fans I will have


3 fans on aio header

1 exhaust on commander

3 aio fans for pull on commander

3 intake one


Si it would be 10 fans in total and 7 to plug on commander.


That might be a mess to plug it all especially for rgb ?


Can I use a two way splitter ans plug two out of the three fans or the pull on one plug ans so have all fans on the commander ?


For rgb I guess I'll have no choice than having an extra lightning hub for powering 10 rgb fans but how do I deal with rgb strip ?

Would I also need to use a node ?


Also for powering an extra hub would that be ok ?


Phobya SATA Duplicateur d'alimentation SATA 15cm - Noir Câbles SATA Câbles https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B00414OIZ4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_lCJFDbBJN4YDX

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I would not go for push-pull on the 360mm AIO. This is likely counter-productive to your goals. On a 360mm radiator, push push has a very nominal effect at 300W+. At the 75-135W your CPU outputs, it is likely not helpful. It may offer better cooling performance at 750 rpm vs a single sided 3x120, but cooling performance at the minimum does not appear to be your stated goal. What you get instead with that is 6 fan motors vs 3 and I think that would be not work as you hope. Push-pull on 360s is better for high speed or high density radiators with high wattage loads.


I would be possible to put 7 RGB fans on the 6 fan port Commander Pro. You just need a standard PWM 2 way splitter. Do not use three way splitters with LL fans. At 0.30A, that is pushing your luck for a single header.


Also, do not combine RGB Lighting Hubs on the same SATA line with HD or LL fans. The lighting current is huge and pushing 0.6A per fan. 6 makes 3.6 of the maximum 4.5A of 5v current available. You need to put them on different PSU SATA lines.


With 2 RGB Hubs + strips, you will need 3 lighting channels. Yes, connect a LNP to the Commander to add 2 more channels. This is how I run my 740 with 9 fans on 2 RGB hubs for the C-Pro and then 6 strips across the other 2 channels on the LNP. Still room for one more LNP! No more room in the case for RGB unless I am trying to blind myself.

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OK so no push pull will make life easier ahah.


So to sum up


I just plug 7 fans on commander with a three way splitter

I get the rbg splitter to get one more rgb fan powered


On the commander I plug the fan led hub on which I'll plug my 7 led with the splitter and the lnp on thye other channel for the led strip.


I will have to unplug the usb of the PSU right ?

And find a way to fit another sata cable to power it..


Am I right ?


Can I plug the commander and one hub on one sata cable and the extra node on another ? Right now I haven't really taken car of what is plugued with what but the only splitter I have was for two ssds





,for now ill keep my 2x200 cooler master on the front I'll see to replace them.later

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No 3 way fan splitters for LL/HD fans. Too close to the limit. 2 way splitters only, and one is all you need for 7 fan motors.


If you are now down to 7 RGB fans (not 10), you may be able to get away with using a Corsair specific RGB fan lighting splitter. They are sold on Ebay. Note the two fans on the splitter are duplicates and thus will perform the lighting action at the same time. For instance, if it they were the last fan in the chain, they would light at the same time.


You likely can get away with putting the Commander Pro and RGB Lighting Hub on the same SATA line. The C-Pro uses 12v current for the fans and the lighting hub uses 5v, so they are pulling from different rails. Given your hardware, I would be more concerned about keeping the H150i and C-Pro on different SATA lines since both pull from the 12v. The SSDs are negligible and can wherever there is free space.


Looks like you may be one USB short if you have to add the LNP. That means you either need a USB splitter or to pull something (the PSU). However, the RGB lighting wire splitter removes the need for the second RGB hub and so this should not be an issue. Same Ebay seller also has RGB Hub splitters that duplicate each other, but that should not be necessary either.

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Ok great then.


Too bad it's not possible to plug the rgb strip on one Fan hub and that it requieres a node.


I need to check if the commander is on the same SATA line than the H150i, i'm not sure about it, how would I know if that would cause issues



Also, is that normal?



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I need to check if the commander is on the same SATA line than the H150i, i'm not sure about it, how would I know if that would cause issues


Your PSU would slam off to protect itself or you would see/smell smoke. You are probably just under the 12v limit for the SATA line, but being "just under" is not necessarily safe when it comes to current.


The software readings on the PSU are typically not overly accurate. I cannot remember what PSU you have, but it is definitely common to see sag on the 5v rail. 12v rail varies with load. Regardless, it is not likely related to anything we are discussing nor would you see value changes.

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those readings are not from the psu but from the commander.


Well I just checked and I have indeed the AIO , the commander and 2 SSD on the same sata line but I don't have anymore free satas, i have to take everything apart and add one line and redo all cable management.


For what I saw I have


Fan hub + 3 ssd on one line

2ssd+commander+AIO+ case rgb hub on another.. been like that for a week almost with intense gaming and no issues.


on the commander I have 2x200fans plugued on one header with a 2way splitter



is there any way to check the readings ?


I'm going to holidays for a week tomorrow, will get the LL in the meantime, next sunday i'll take it all apart an try to do a proper cable management by adding another line


would it be good if I did:



Aio +2 SSD on one line + RGB hub of the case (for the 2 front fans)

3 SSd+commander+ led Fan hub on another

And add another for the extra LNP I would need later?

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