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Need MOBO opinions for this future build

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Rainbow Road


I read somewhere that Asus and iCUE dont like running at the same time. So im looking for a MOBO and a 2070 graphics card that works well with other Corsair internals.


I chose that motherboard and graphics card specifically because userbenchmark says they are pretty high performing for that price point.


Anyone got an opinion on what MOBO and graphics card manufacturer i could swap to, because unfortunately corsair doesnt make either.


I dont care if its got an ugly bios. My current build uses a gigabyte mobo. Problem is the monitor i have doesnt support 4k, and the plastic tab protecting the display port on the graphics card is wedged behind the bars so i cant remove it.


The mobo also has to have wifi and 2 m2 slots, because im wanting the performance boost. Besides, the 4tb 860 evo is $600 and i dont need that much storage anymore since i have everything important on my computer, and backups in the cloud or for stuff that isnt a 24/7 access kind of need, so 4 TB of storage (probably 3.5tb) is more than enough.


I would also like to know if i should swap out the liquid cooler for a fan based one that fits in the case, and use the top 2 140 slots for HD140s.


Also, the spec-omega seems to have issues with Ram clearance.


Id also like to note that i wont be building this myself, ill be having a friend do it.

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