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Obsidian 500D SE + H100i RGB Plat SE questions


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Case: Obsidian 500D SE

Cooler: H100i RGB Platinum SE

Mobo: ASRock Taichi Z390

RGB: Commander Pro + RGB Hub


Hi all! Recently bought a RGB setup and put it all together yesterday. Everything is working though I haven't fully completed the build (wire management, button it up). I had three quick questions looking for some input on.


Cooler wires from the pump:

I currently have 6 LL120 fans in the case (includes the 2 on the AIO). All fan rgb wires hooked to the rgb hub and 4 fans powered by the commander pro (the 2 fans on AIO I have connected to the CPU_Fan headers on mobo). My question is there are wires coming from the pump that I have not connected and am unsure where to connect to. I have connected the SATA and the USB , I believe there are 4 other wires I have not connected. Do these NEED to be connected? What for? I believe they are all male connectors... I'm thinking to tie them up in the back?



AIO Fan Ramp Up Noise Level:

Is it me or is the noise level a little loud? Granted I still have both side panels off the case so I can hear everything well but it seems pretty loud. Since I don't have the AIO fans hooked up to the commander pro I'd have to monitor the RPMs a different way. Is there a setting in BIOs to change when using this setup? I may have read something about that before, maybe outdated.


Top side AIO Mount:

The case comes with a top radiator mounting bracket and I forgot to use the washers for the top mounting screws, could this be adding to noise? Has anyone mounted without the washers as the manual shows to use?



Thanks for any help/info you could provide. Sorry for the length. Cheers.

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So I would remove those two fans from the rgb hub and the motherboard and plug them both into those 4 wires I assume. Wouldn't this cause a no cpu fan error since nothing will be plugged into the mobo slots?


edit: is there a key difference connecting them through the pump rather than having them connected to the mobo and rgb fan hub?

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