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Scimitar Pro RGB side buttons periodically stop working


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Hey all, so as the title says, my relatively new (bought in I think March or April) Scimitar Pro has decided to randomly stop having functioning side buttons. About once a week for the past couple of weeks, I'll boot up my PC to find them not working after having no issues the days prior. Remapping the commands, unplug, plug back in, restart PC, restart iCue, force firmware update, etc. all do nothing to fix it. The only thing that's consistently solved the problem is to completely reinstall iCue, which having to do that every week is a royal pain.


My own digging around has turned up other solutions to similar problems but all of them either A) don't work outright or B) still have eventually stopped working like right now.


I bought this mouse specifically for those side buttons since I play an unhealthy amount of MMOs and having them not work especially on such a new device is incredibly aggravating. Anyone have a solid (and permanent) fix to this?



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