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Is it single or double Ranked?


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Are the memories in this


(your standard 8 Gb X2 So-dimm 2400 Mhz modules)

Single rank or double rank?


It is really important since I will upgrade an existing laptop with an 8 GB single rank memory module.

That is : Buy ONE of these memory sticks separately to upgrade a laptop and insert the new Corsair module in the other slot (and make it work in dual channel, if possible)!


And, yes, I know you will say "Only buy compatible memory in pairs".


But if I try to match as similar memory modules the chance is that it will work and that it will also work with double channel speed (as long as I don't mix single and double rank memories).

I have already checked the specs of the memory with CPU-Z (latencies, ranks etc)

Many have done it before and my specific laptop is also very generous when mixing modules according to other sites.

(And if it doesn't work, I can still buy another one the exact same type since they are cheap anyway)

But first I wanna be sure to buy one memory stick that is single rank to begin with (to get better odds!)


Edit : Never mind!

Found another memory brand that actually displayed what type of memory they had, single rank and X8.



If manufacturers actually show important specs, then they sell more!


It is totally bewildering that you (like Corsair) would leave out such important details, when you know that many laptop manufacturers supply the laptops with just one memory stick where it is extremely important to know if it is single or double rank, X8 or x16, if you wanna add another one!

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I came to the website to find out if this RAM is single or dual rank.



Unfortunately there's only basic tech specs but not all the specs people need. SODIMM is a compatibility nightmare and we need this information Corsair.


As Magnus101 says, the x8 or x16 is of vital importance too. I am looking at the Crucial by Micron and Kingston memory as I can find more specifications about them online.


I have sent Corsair a tech support enquiry, so giving them some chance to redeem themselves, but this info should be up front and readily available.


If you are reading this and have the same issue, then please register for the forums and add your voice to the chorus.

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Just replying to this. I logged an information request to Corsair to find out if the RAM I mentioned in the last post is single or dual rank. The eventual response from "support" was the following:



<support staff> (Corsair)


Jul 2, 2020, 12:36 PM PDT


Hi <me>,


I have no way of telling you if it is single or dual rank, but if you download and run CPU-Z (program that reads all your hardware) in the SPD tab it will tell you, hope that helps"



This is no good when running the RAM in a headless firewall device, that doesn't run Windows, and doesn't even have any Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) attached.


No good at all. I therefor simply cannot recommend Corsair RAM for anything remotely resembling business use. Leave it for the "leet" gamers. For business use I recommend other brands.

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