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Can someone verify my setup?


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I have a new PC with the following:

- 2x LL 120mm RGB fans

- 2x ML 140mm RGB fans

- 2x Led Strips


I did an extended search on the internet and I'm quite confident that I did everything right but something is not working.

- 2x LL connected to RGB hub 1

- 2x ML connected to RGB hub 2

- RGB hub 1 & 2 connected with Commander Pro LED ports.

- 2x Led strips connected with Lighting node pro and LNP is connected with Commander Pro USB port.


I'll insert a small drawing of it, note that I didn't draw all sata power connectors and fans power to the commander pro.




ICUE can't see my lightning node pro, I can control all 4 fans but not my led strips because of it. I tried 2 different LNP and USB cables so that's not it. Maybe my setup is wrong or my commander pro usb ports might be defect.


If someone can tell me if it's setup right or wrong it would help me. Thank you.

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Can you run the LNP to another internal USB 2 port or use an adapter to USB type A from the back? Do you have another (non-Corsair) device to test the usb pass through?


I only have 2 internal USB 2 ports, 1 is for the commander pro and the second for my pc case front USB 2 ports. The LNP (with latest firmware) works when connected to the internal USB port but not with the commander pro.

Unfortunaly I don't have an adaptor or other devices. And I don't have the knowledge to just start trying things out and damage my motherboard or so.

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