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CMX256A-3200C2 still not working A8N-SLI


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I have two sticks of Corsair pc3200 CMX256A-3200C2 VERSION 3.1 memory and one version at 1.1 and will only boot with

one stick in slot B1? I have tried other slots with no luck and have moved the two around with no luck.



AMD 64 3000+

HTT @ 4x

CPU MULTI @ 9x = 2340MHz

CPU VOLTS @ 1.550v

DDR VOLTS @ 2.60v

Latest Bios 1006



This setup was running fine with Kingston Value ram and is running great on one stick of CMX256A-3200C2. All my temp are very low and system is very stable.


The Corsair was working great in the A7N8X 1.03 older board just great in dual mode.


Thank you,

Britten Wolf

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