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K95 Platinum — G Keys

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Guys, I am having trouble tracking down what I thought would be basic information, so I'd appreciate a heads up if someone would put me out of my misery.


OK, I have a G910 that is doing the unfixable Logitech double letter thing, and the consensus on the Logitech forums is to swap to a K95. I don't game but I make extensive use of G keys for Photoshop and other apps. The G910 has three banks of nine G Keys times two with G-Shift, triggered by a mouse button.


So the issue is, the K95 Platinum only appears to have the six G Keys, and no apparent way to toggle to a different bank of settings. I've worked out that there is a Profile key to the left of the Brightness key. Is that what you'd use to give you more than the basic six definitions?


Has anyone compared i-Cue with G-Hub or LGS, and if so, how do they compare. I liked LGS, and it took me a while to get to grips with G-Hub, (which wrecked Windows 10 when in beta, needing a full OS reinstall) and I am getting too old to learn new apps :[pouts:


I take it that the K95 Vengeance, with its 18 G keys is no long available? If all else fails, I have a Razer Orbweaver that I have not been using, because I had enough options with the G910. I guess I could slide that over if needs be.


Thanks for any help. I'd really appreciate it.

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The K95 Vengeance was discontinued a while back, so finding one will be rather difficult. On the K95 Platinum, along with all of our other keyboards, almost all the keys are able to be remapped. When you use the profile button, it changes your profile in the iCUE software, so depending on what you have setup in the software it can be different remaps assigned to those keys. We have a lot of tutorial videos on our official How-To page through the link below:



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