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Looking for a new case


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I have been in the market for a new case for a while and cant find the right case as they are all lacking in some way I just want a mid/full tower tempered glass case that can support a 360 rad in the TOP (not looking for a supper tower like the Obsidian 900D as that is way too big the case I want needs to be roughly no taller than than the Corsair Obsidian 750D) and it needs at least 3x120mm fan mounts in the front and a tempered glass FRONT panel BUT with airflow in mind the Carbide 678C and the Crystal 680x from Corsair are both quite close but the 678C misses on the front tempered glass and still has an optical drive bay (don't give one about the drive bay but I feel there are other ways that space can be used) and the 680x is not long enough from front to back to support a 360 in the top


If corsair can make front tempered glass airflow version of the 678C then I would definitely go and buy it (and if anyone is asking why I want the front tempered glass it is because I want RGB fans (which I do have I have 6 LL120 fans) in a case but a case with a metal front panel is a waste if you are using any LED/RGB fans)

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