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New Build - H150i cooler & 8xHD Series Fans


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Okay. I've upgraded to what I hope will be my final build for a good, long while. I'm just having trouble configuring my fans to work with my case and cooler.


As my specs show, I'm using the Crystal 570X case. I'm going for a RGB build with a fan setup as shown in the images for the HD series fans. The 320mm H150i Pro radiator sandwiched between 2 layers of 3 HD120 fans in a push/pull config. This is situated in the front and 2 HD140 fans are on top for exhaust.


I have the RGB hub that came with the case, one that came with a box of fans, and a Commander Pro that I bought earlier this year. All of the fans are currently running, but only the top fans and the pump for the H150i are lit.


The wiring for the fans is maddening! I have the PWM wires for the 6 HD120s plugged into the Cmd Pro, and the RGB wires plugged into one of the small hubs (careful to match 1-6 with both cables) The 2 HD140's have the PWM wires plugged into the leads coming from the H150i pump and the RGB plugged into the hub that came mounted in the case. Like I said, the 2 HD140s are lit, but I can't control the RGB.


I have no wiring at all to attach the second RGB hub anywhere in my system. I want to eventually use the RGB headers on the Cmd Pro for RGB light strips on the sides of the case, so I can't use them for attaching the second small hub to and don't have an appropriate cable to do so, even if I wanted to.


Also, all the SATA connections required for all the hubs is ridiculous. The PSU cover light required one, as did the Cmd Pro and both RGB hubs. That took up one SATA cable by itself. Then my 3 drives are sharing a second SATA cable with the plug for the H150i pump. If I want to add a single drive, I'll need the third SATA cable that came with the PSU. Whew...


With the Pump and the PSU requiring USB headers, I was glad the Cmd Pro has a pass through to 2 headers.


All of these cables and connections left me barely able to manage to maintain a tidy appearance in the back of the case and adding anything else at this point will be a monumental task.


I just need someone with the know-how to help me make sense of all the fan wiring, so I can have a fully functioning RGB setup. Please!

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Connect the rgb hub to the LED channel on the copro, download iCUE, good to go.


The LED hub should definitely come with a small cable to connect the hub to the CoPro.


You need to have the rgb hubs going into the copro led channels. If yiu have two hubs, you can have two channels. You can connect the led strips to the 2nd hub, since it appears there should be more than enough ports (unless you've already got 12 addressable rgb devices plugged into the hubs).

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I just need someone with the know-how to help me make sense of all the fan wiring, so I can have a fully functioning RGB setup. Please!


Does this help buddy?




Ignore that it's LL fans as the connections are the same... and also ignore that there are 9 fans.. you just connect one less ;)



lots more info in the thread below



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