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K95 Platinum - multiple solid colors?


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I'm trying to set the K95 key colors to two solid colors (e.g. blue for the entire keyboard, and red for the awsd...pretty simple.


I'm only able to setup one option - either solid color for the entire keyboard, or just the buttons (awsd) in red...couldn't find anything on the guide. Is it possible to do that?



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The magic hidden function is to hold down the CTRL key while clicking or click-dragging a box over the keys to want to select. If you don't hold down CTRL, it will replace your prior selection with whatever you next click. Also know iCUE has a top-down hierarchy. The lighting layers on top will be dominant over any effect beneath, except when the top effect is not active.


So for your intended design, go to the Lighting Effects tab for the K95, then click "+" to add an effect. It will give you rainbow something. Change the drop down menu to "Static color" and it will give you a white set of keys. Then simply click the blue 0, 0, 255 preset square or drag the spot around to make the unique blue RGB of your choice. Now the entire board is blue.


Hit + again and once more change the rainbow spiral to static. It will immediately cover over what you just did. Deliberately click somewhere on the edge of the keyboard picture to deactivate the new effect. Your blue will return. Now go back to the color wheel and select the red preset 255,0,0 or whatever red you prefer. Finally, hold down CTRL and then individually click W A S D before letting go of the CTRL. That should complete it.


Whichever profile is on the top of the list on the left hand side of iCUE will be the default profile that loads with Windows. It does not have to be the blank "default" profile created when you installed iCUE. Any software profile can be the default. Drag it to the top.

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