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ssue with fan curve - Maximus Hero X


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I realized that my chassis fans were probably not well adjusted in the bios.


I have SIlent wings 3 (pwm) and a SW 2 that I will change. All 140 / 1000RPM


I have set up curves for my fans in bios but it seems that there is a reading problem with temps maybe because when i set up max fan speed at 50c, the fans won't go that fast. I had to lower the max speed at 45 c to get around 980 RPM


Seems like bios and HWmonitor for example does not read the same temps and the setting of fans in bios is not considering the CPU to be warm enough to make the fans run at the speed I set up.


Now i have a curve which is 65% for the fan untill it his 40 degrees, then goes to 100% at 45c and thus, when i run a stress test, I almost have my fans at 100%


Does someone knows what is wrong?


Also should i use step up / down?


Also, is it needed to disable Q Fan control for the pump of the corsair AIO or won't that change anything since the pump is powered on sata?




Thank you

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Nope, QFan setting doesn’t matter for the H150 since the connector physically lacks a control wire. It can’t change anything. Nevertheless, on Asus boards I disable it anyway. If you use any of the internal fan tuning programs in the Bios to establish min/max it will skip over the dead end pump connector instead of trying to tune for 15 seconds, then realizing it cannot change it.


What are you using as the control variable? CPU temp? Exactly what Asus uses for this value or its polling interval has always been a bit mysterious. This behavior sounds like every Asus board I’ve had when using CPU temp as the source and why I almost never did. Now I skip the bios controls entirely with a Commander Pro.


Option one is to continually tinker with the curve until it runs the speeds you want. Trial and error. No other way. Yes, definitely use the 12 second “spin up/down” fan delay. There is no reason for case fans to be instantly resctive to change. Case temperature does not need to be managed that and with a water cooler nothing else in the system does either.


Option 2 is to find a better control variable. I’ll cross my fingers and hope VRM is a choice on your board, but I fear not. That was always a good indicator of total load when on the optimized VRM behavior. PCH temp is too influenced by local GPU heat, but this still can work if you learn the range. Probably the best option is to use a 10K thermistor wire and run it to the one “temp 1” insert on the board. Tiny slot. Use the manual to find it. Probably near SATA data connectors. You then run the sensor wire to either near the GPU to approximate case heat or you can run it up the back of the H150 and use its exhaust temp as the source. Radiator exhaust temp = Coolant temp and you can then match H150i fan changes to balance with the other fans.

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