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M65 RGB ELITE Change lift height


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*Well update on my software , the Profiles button is there , but now my Performance tab is missing along with any another tab or setting under the "Performance tab" menu .


So now I know why Burdines was asking about where the lift height setting was , because mine now is GONE along with any dpi setting; and this after only a single day of ownership for my M65 Pro .


If I have to reinstall the software for this to come back and if multiple settings again disappear in a day or so .... this mouse is getting returned asap !!!


(*firmware is up to date and was installed first thing before I even used the mouse , so that should not be the problem or reason for later disappearing settings)



Com'on Corsair you can do better than this ! I now know why many reviews hate the iCue software ......

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I found this information:

"Surface Calibration offers the possibility to change the lift-off distance according to the surface the mouse is being used on. I would suggest using this function because the mouse has a high LOD by default."

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