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Here is one possible answer in as simple English as I can write.

A) Assume you already have a profile with lights the way you want them. I'll call it Chompiras.

1. Blank Profile - You will create a new profile with no lights on it. The profile's name will be "Blank Profile"

2. Profile Switch Blank - You will create a new action to switch profiles to the blank profile. The Action Name will be "Profile Switch Blank"

There are a few possible ways to switch to profile. You can cycle to the profile. Also, you can switch directly to the profile.


These are steps to create "Blank Profile" with cycled switching:

1. Go to Profiles in the top left of ICUE and press "+" to add a new profile

2. Rename the Profile to "Blank Profile"

3. In the Blank Profile, create a new profile switch action on the device with the button you want to use to switch profiles: the keyboard. On the keyboard action list add a new action by pressing "+" on the action list.

  • Change the action type to "Profile Switching" in the list box of action types on the bottom right.

  • On the Profile Switching Settings, select

    Switch to next profile from list

    Highlight "Loop List"

    Profile Selection "All Profiles"

    Profile rotation list - Add all profiles to the left box that you want in the rotation list. Add your Chompiras profile and Blank Profile.

4. Assign the action to a button on the keyboard in the Blank Profile by left clicking the keyboard button in ICUE while the Profile Switch Blank action is highlighted yellow on your ICUE action list. Note: Try to assign it to a button that is clear of actions in all your profiles. I'll assign it to my "Right window" button on my keyboard as I don't use that button: While the Profile Switch Blank action is highlighted yellow indicating that the action is selected, I left click on the right window key on the visual representation of my keyboard in the ICUE program.

5. Go back to the Profile Switch Action and open Profile Switch Settings and then hit the "Assign" buttons on "Assign action to all profiles in rotation list"


You should be able to switch profiles between your "Blank" Profile and "Chompiras" Profile by hitting the profile switch assigned to the "Right window" key.

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