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Where is macro termination in iCUE ?


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For a loooooooooong time i don't want to switch to CUE2 because i don't like the interface. But i have bought a Corsair K63 Wireless for my HTPC, so i need to install iCUE and i have a problem with "Macro Termination" feature, where is it ?

If you don't have project to implant it. I'm doing refund my keyboard. :/

I don't understand why this feature was in the first CUE and not anymore.




Thank you for your anwser.

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Check out the guide in the sticky it is called toggle and should work the same. Let us know?




It's not the same, toggle is toggle. It's not "Allow interruptions and then resume". ;)


When i keep pressed a macro and then i press an other macro, the second macro run and stop the first but when i release the second macro, the first macro resume.


I just ask why this feature is not in CUE2+ while it was in cue 1. ;)


When you play MMO with bad server you need macro on most every skill's keys and this feature is very good for that.

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When i keep pressed a macro and then i press an other macro, the second macro run and stop the first but when i release the second macro, the first macro resume.

This sounds like it isnt the same (as i understand it) as threaded macro execution, but it is an often requested feature i would like to think they can add for MMO players. For me, id never use it but chaosblades and others have requested over a long period of time. Perhaps my understanding isnt there on it.


I think timer might work for you if you had the macro as action 1. Can someone else provide some insight here?

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This is the source of the negative opinions I have made about Corsair Macros deteriorating in 2018. When they deleted all my profiles with the introduction of CUE 2, their response was for me to recreate my profiles.


Not only was it exceedingly difficult to recreate my profiles with the new CUE:

- The macro editor window is small.

- Insertions into the macro will take you to the end.

- You used to be able to copy a section of a macro and paste it into another macro.

- You can only assign one macro to one key

- Macros can be named the same thing in two different profiles and changes to the macro in one profile will not affect it in the other.

- etc. etc. etc.


I also learned after the difficult process of trying to recreate my profiles, that there are several things you CANNOT do in CUE 2 and ICUE that you could do in CUE 1, because the macro termination options are not available.


Here are several posts where controlling this behavior would possibly provide a solution:


Wants to start and stop a macro:



First Person Shooter could have been resolved with this:



Spammed Macros:



Why did they do this? So you can add flashing lights to your case, and monitor the power and temperature of your hardware with ICUE which encourages you to buy hardware manufactured by Corsair, neglecting the fact that lights are wasted power and heat to your case, and the temperature tolerance limits of operation of your hardware, could be more tightly controlled by the manufacturer. There has to be something about the platform which they are using to program ICUE which allows more integration of products, but inhibits them making these common sense improvements they once had.


If you can get a refund on your keyboard do it(!). Don't hope for change. I identified many of these differences in February of this year to customer support. You will find other things you cannot do with CUE 2/ICUE that you could with CUE1.

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Hi Petro,


I agree with you, CUE2/ICUE is worst with macro for so many reason. They prefere focus on lightning stuff instead macro stuff.


I want an anwser from Corsair to take my decision.


I have 7 left for getting refund. If i haven't any anwser, i do it and don't buy any corsair anymore. It's sad because i like corsair but with the CUE2/ICUE they lose me. :/


So, if someone in Corsair want to anwser me please.

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Macro editor as well as macro names list is way too small.


Other differences I have noticed:


Cue1 you can rebind left mouse button. icue used to be able to allow the rebinding with a workaround by changing the protected keys inside the profile_"mouse or keyboard name here" xml files (can be found in Program Files (x86)\Corsair\Corsair Utility Engine\devices) , anything after 2.24.50 as far as I know, do not use those profiles, and that folder is not created with the newer versions. If anyone knows a new workaround please let me know.


Cue1 has Macro termination "Queue next macro while executing" and "allow interruptions and then resume" .....both would be great in icue.


icue has Action Trigger "On Release" and "While Pressed" ....I find both extremely useful.

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