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Custom Wall Art Showing Off Corsair Love

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Hello all, this piece came out looking really cool and I honestly just wanted to show it off at this point.


This is a 3' x 3' Laser Cut Corsair Logo that is cut into 3 mm Aluminum and has been fitted with RGB LEDs on the back to make it into a glowing wall art display.





Thank you for letting me share.

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That is totally freaking awesome! It looks like you cut inside the plexiglass, how exactly did you do that?


And I would love to put some Corsair leds on mine but to be battery powered I needed to go with some basic RGBs!


WAY WAY easier than you think dude.. reverse cut vinyl decals.. 2 layers on the inside of the glass, first layer in black with the logo's cut out in reverse and then a layer of white over the top of that. any local car graphics shops can cut what you need ;)....



and yours looks Bad a55... love it mate.. well done

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