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Re-use older memory


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The GPU in my HP Sleekbook is failing to the extent that it no longer displays properly on the laptop's screen. Through a cable to a separate monitor things display correctly. So it is time to buy a new laptop and reuse the SSD I installed recently and the CORSAIR memory a while back.

O tried registering for customer support, but got timed out; hence me hioping I can get the answer here...


There are 2 modules with both showing these references CMSX16GX3M2A1600C10 and 132505840



Can someone advise in which current LENOVO laptop model I can use these?

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Hello Dutchy,


Unfortunately it is unlikely that any current model would be able to use the memory you have as they all use DDR4. A quick look at Lenovo's laptop does seem to suggest that they do not have a current model that uses DDR3.


It is a 1.5v memory kit, so if you do decide to look for a used laptop, please keep this in mind as laptops that require low voltage (1.35v) memory would not be able to boot with this memory.

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