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K55 iCue Lightning Problem


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Hello guys. I just got notification yesterday to my k55 got a icue support. So i just download it and works great but when i opened this program it's remove default macro keys for change lightning effect. I mean i cannot use my FN+1....0,?,_ keys anymore this means i cannot change my lightning setting is keyboard. I have to go program and change from there.


Is there anyway to assing a key to swich all my lightning effect i created before? Also im looking for Lock windows key action + Turn on turn off lightning effect action too. I already have those keys on my keyboard but i have to remapping them.



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So the K55 has it's own onboard memory which is separated from iCUE software profiles which have priority when iCUE is running. Your best bet is to make new profiles with the lighting effects you desire and switch through them using the software or you can macro one of the G keys to a profile switching button.

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