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Problem with vengeance RGB LED RAM


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I am using the vengeance RGB 8GB 2EA set.


In the iCUE program, I set the LED to white fixed.

However, when the PC is rebooted, one side be fixed to white and boot up, but the other side boot with the RGB color changing.


When the window is launched and the iCUE program is executed, both sides are fixed to white as normal.


What's the reason?


Is it a bug in the iCUE program?

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Hello hisnibs,


Sorry to here that. I'd suggest creating a support ticket at support.corsair.com so that our Technical Support can help guide you through some steps. I'm sure they'll want to know a bit more information about your set up, so it would be best to include your motherboard, BIOS version, and iCUE version.

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