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iCUE Windows Update Popup - Official FAQ

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Hey guys, just to let you know. We’ve pulled the iCUE notification from Windows Update - it was not functioning as we intended. In the future, we’ll make sure to incorporate your feedback into how we communicate with our new customers, and we apologize for any inconvenience that the iCUE update notification caused you.



Q: What is this pop-up about iCUE that started showing up?


A: Using Microsoft Windows Update, new device drivers for CORSAIR devices now perform a one-time check to see if iCUE software is installed. If the software is not installed, it recommends downloading and installing the software in the bottom right corner of the screen. If you close that window and choose not to install iCUE, it should not show up again without a change to the USB enumeration of CORSAIR devices (installing a new CORSAIR USB device, changing USB ports of your CORSAIR device, or if your system’s USB controller drivers are updated by Windows Update or other software). This is designed to be a one time thing.


Q: But…why?


A: Recently we’ve heard a lot of people who were completely unaware of iCUE or that their hardware could have settings changed. At trade shows and in our support contacts, we’ve had people completely unaware that their RGB keyboard had adjustable lighting, or that they could quiet the fans on their Hydro Series cooler with software. A large percentage of customers were just straight up unaware that we even HAD software to do this stuff, let alone went to the site and downloaded it. So we wanted to make it easier for people to find the software and enjoy their hardware the way it was intended.


Q: But isn’t this spyware?


A: No. We’re not gathering any data on this. Windows update simply checks to see if iCUE is installed, if it’s not, it recommends you download it. If you close that window, we have no idea. The only information we’ll see is the number of downloads of iCUE from our server. We don’t gather any hardware specifications, we don’t gather any software installation stuff, we don’t know anything about your system. In fact, we won’t even know what device you have installed – all we get out of this is helping people find and install iCUE easier.


Q: What happens if I close the window?


A: Nothing. iCUE doesn’t get installed, and Windows shouldn’t bother you again. The only time this check is done is on the first time that an iCUE-compatible USB device enumerates on a system without iCUE installed. After you say “no thanks” it shouldn’t show up again unless it’s forced to re-enumerate. The system should function identically to the way it did before. No change.


Q: What happens if I install iCUE?


A: If you have iCUE installed, you should never see this pop-up. Ever. If you do, please contact us. If you decide to install iCUE, you should know that iCUE currently sends no data back to CORSAIR at all. Right now, the only information we track on iCUE is the number of downloads of the iCUE software. In the future, we may offer an opt-in program where you can choose to upload system specs to us, but that is not currently enabled.


Q: The iCUE pop-up pulled me out of a game/program and was SUPER distracting!


A: That is not intended. This should have functioned like any other windows update – driver updates in the background based on your system’s windows update settings and then recommends iCUE only if you don’t have it installed and when the system is relatively idle. We are looking into this and will do our best to correct it.


Q: Is CORSAIR going to start requiring iCUE for support? Or is iCUE going to be required for warranty?


A: No and no. iCUE is not required for customer service, technical support, or warranty of the product.



CORSAIR NOTE: We do apologize for not communicating this more clearly. We really didn’t intend to be intrusive on this. It was done solely to help people find and install iCUE more easily.

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