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10,000+ RPM reported fan speed


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On 2 of my 5 fans. Judging by sound they are actually spinning under 900RPM.




They speed reported fluctuated between 3,000 and 20,000 RPM. Mostly staying in the 5-8K range.


I forced a firmware flash on the commander pro, and installed todays iCUE update. With no change.


EDIT: these are 3 pin fans, stetting panel auto or 3pin makes no difference.


Fans are rated for 1,900RPM at 12V


They are reported correctly and are controlable when not connected to the commander pro.

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If software conflict is ruled out, then it's probably time to move the two misreporting fans. Swap 5 & 6 with 1 & 2 and see if the erroneous speeds travel with the fan or stay on the headers 5 & 6. There have been a few fans that don't seem to do well with the Commander Pro. It would be good to find out if it's that or a bad unit.
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