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Problem with LMB on M65 Pro RGB


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I bought the M65 Pro RGB FPS mouse back in January of 2017 and by April/May of 2017 the LMB had stopped working. I then claimed RMA and was sent a replacement only for the replacement to have the same problem within 2 months. I was pissed but I really liked the design and feel of the mouse and everything else so just decided to open up the mouse (yes I KNOW it will void warranty but I wasn't gonna return it as I had the same problem before and was thinking it may not be accepted also I thought I may replace the mouse) to see what was wrong and I noticed that there are two dangling plastic pieces that are attached to the top plastic cover and when you press the LMB or RMB they press in to the switch but the LMB one had broken and snapped off (it is just a really thin "U" shaped piece that breaks off with minimal effort and as far as I know I do not go around bashing the LMB when gaming but I most certainly press it significantly more than the RMB as do most people unless you swap the functions of the buttons in software). After noticing this I decided to get some double sided tape and I got a piece of plastic from a HDMI dust plug that came with my GPU cut it off in to a small square and taped it underneath and the mouse then worked fine UNTIL May of this year when the whole top piece snapped on the side where the LMB is located. First attachment shows the broken off LMB side of top piece of the mouse 2nd shows broken piece placed on to the mouse and 3rd shows underside of that piece with the red plastic thing being where the "U" shaped piece was located and would press in to the switch




So anyway I was on amazon the day the and I see the exact same mouse but it was on 15% discount and Amazon were doing an offer at the time for first time users of in store account top up to get £10 off their next purchase and as I really liked the feel of the mouse and had gotten used to the grip (besides the broken LMB I had no other problems about the mouse nor did I hate anything else about it and thought it may have been a defect or something that may have now been resolved) as a result of all of this I decide to purchase the mouse for a 2nd time (I now have 2 the one with the with the cracked off top piece and my current one) just to see and all was good until now it still works but I can feel the LMB missing some clicks as if that exact same thing is gonna happen again with the "U" shaped piece breaking off the underside of the top piece of the mouse


I want recommendations on what to do and need recommendations on a new mouse from a LONG TERM user of said mouse (by LONG term I mean someone who has been a heavy user of the mouse and has had the mouse for a year at least as I need the mouse to be very durable if it is to outperform the M65 Pro RGB FPS in durability) I swinging towards a Corsair Mouse with RGB (because I have only Corsair Peripherals and most of my PC parts are from Corsair too and I can sync the products in software that way especially when it comes to things such as RGB lighting)


ALSO one thing to note that has nothing much to do with this but this is to do with how well my keyboard has done in the time I have had it (got it before my M65 Pro RGB mouse). I have a K70 RGB Rapidfire and have had it for over a year and a half and have spilled liquids on it around 3 times and the keyboard still works like new without issues (each time the keyboard was significantly covered in water and even some of the keys would stop working or some of them would auto press non stop for a few hours or sometimes if I pressed a button it would do the actions of another button for example muting volume would do same action as windows key and then within around 4-6 hours it would go back to normal). My mouse(s) is/are not fairing well in the long term use department compared to my keyboard

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also at the time i bought the M65 Pro for a 2nd time I had a couple other options in mind such as Glaive RGB or the Dark Core RGB SE but I was not a fan of the DPI LED system for the Glaive RGB (want to know if I can turn off the LED's as I will not be able to sync them with my current lighting and on the M65 Pro RGB there is a single target between DPI up/down buttons which lights up and the colour of it determines the current setting and I had set the default to have NO light showing at all but on the Glaive RGB however it is a few LED's in a line and the amount of LED's showing is what the current setting is which would defeat the purpose of being able to turn off (even though IDGAF about the fact I can't see what setting it is on as I ALWAYS use the SAME profile and that ONLY so I could just set all profiles to be the same in software) as you cant tell which profile you are on and if it is RGB then corsair should allow software you to synchronise lighting with other RGB parts of the mouse) and as for the Dark Core RGB SE I am not a huge fan of the looks and I do not think the lighting really pops at all especially when you look at pictures of it and it seems the lighting is weak compared to the size and as there is no feature of lighting bleeding out such as on the M65 Pro RGB but the weaker lighting for a larger mouse is not really a deal breaker for me (I have an RGB keyboard, mouse, mouse mat, fans, RGB strips and a CPU cooler from Corsair so if I went with a non RGB mouse it would ruin the setup)


If anyone has done extensive long time use of the Dark Core RGB SE or the Glaive RGB SE then pls share below also if you had the same issue as me with the M65 Pro RGB then mention that too as a mouse isn't supposed to last up to only 4 months especially if it has an aluminium body with a removable weights system that costs $59 in the US on Corsair's own site. I have used cheaper mice (at least a fifth of the price that have lasted over twice as long and I have even used a £15 larger WIRELESS mouse that was super light and it had forwards and back buttons that lasted over a year but the problem with that was it was not a "gaming" mouse and had a terrible sensor for gaming and bad polling rate as well as no software support. The M65 Pro RGB was my first expensive mouse after getting a proper gaming PC which I built myself)

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