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Strafe RGB (Cherry MX Brown) lighting issue + terrible service

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Hello there,


First post so apologies if this is in the wrong place. In short, I've had 3 Brown Strafe RGB boards in the space of a year that have had the exact same issue on the exact same keys (inability to display blue light, followed by intense flickering shortly after and then finally flickering on all keys as well as some not registering on a press within 2 weeks or so). Now if this was 'wear and tear' of any kind, why would the issue re-occur in very specific circumstances?


Suspecting a manufacturing fault, I returned my original keyboard to Amazon for replacement. The replacement had immediate issues, so I sent for another from Amazon (I believe Amazon support shouldn't have done that, but I was happy to accept the replacement and all was settled). In only a few months, the issue occurred again, so I contacted Corsair instead of Amazon. The operator of the ticket approved an RMA without addressing my concerns regarding receipt of the same model and provided no detailed information about both RMA processes. I obviously sent a message back immediately asking for the information, but I was then ignored for about a week (and am still yet to receive a response from the guy managing the ticket).


So I contacted the live chat to be received by a gentleman with very broken English. I could only guess at what he was intending to say as his writing wasn't clear (not helpful when going through a support process!). The second operator eventually pushed my issue to escalation, or so I thought. I contacted a third operator to ask for information regarding the escalation process (as I had forgotten to ask myself) and was told that it hadn't even been put through by the previous support officer. All 3 struggled to understand what I was saying, making an already frustrating situation even more so (though the third was more helpful than the other two). There was a lot of back and forth caused by the confusion, even though my questions were simple. I ended up on the live chat for upwards of an hour.


Essentially, what I'm asking is this:

- Has anyone had the same issue with a Cherry MX Brown Strafe RGB (or any Strafe board for that matter)?

- Is there a possible fix (already tried the firmware restart stuff advised by a support officer from my original keyboard)?

- How have customer service responded to the issue (or similar)?

- Has anyone been offered an alternative model in relation to a repeated issue (indicative of a manufacturing fault) on any Corsair product?

- If nothing comes from the escalation process, then what should I do?


Sorry if these are stupid questions, I'm having difficulty understanding the guys on Live Chat in a coherent manner. I know the lighting issue is only small to begin with, but if you pay top whack for something then you expect all the bells and whistles to work.


Thanks for any help <3

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Just thought I'd post an update for anyone with a similar issue.


I just got off the phone with a supervisor at Corsair Support and they kindly agreed to send a K70 LUX RGB as a replacement for the Strafe. Excellent customer service there and I would suggest anyone with repeat issues speak to a supervisor if you can!

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As an update for anyone interested, Corsair have delivered the wrong model of keyboard contrary to their written confirmation on my support ticket. I am now very frustrated and face another long wait. Corsair need to improve their customer service.
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