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K70 RGB - Weird Issues


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I've owned this keyboard for a while, I will admit.. probably over two years.


I'm experiencing some LED issues. Such as my "Play" and "F11" have dying blue and red LEDs, respectively.


Also, in iCue, when the STOP key is lit, so does my Z key. BACK lights up my X key and FORWARD lights up my C key.


Is there any hope in the world I would be able to have my keyboard repaired? Apart from the LED issues I love this keyboard.

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Hello Tillian,


Create a ticket on support.corsair.com and upload the invoice for your keyboard and I'll look into it and see what I can do. Let me know the ticket number as well.





Hi Wootaru,


I've submitted a ticket, number 789150


Thank you kindly.

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Hi Michael,


Just to let you know that I have made a response to the ticket again, Victor has made a comment, however I would prefer if you could deal with this as his responses seem a little blunt and unfriendly..


Kind regards,


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