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Third Times The Charm?


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I Need A New Keyboard_


Over three years ago my Corsair K70 (Blue Backlighting/Red Switches) developed LED problems. Corsair was kind enough to allow me to upgrade to a K70 RGB (Traditional Logo/Brown Switches) for extra money.


The K70 RGB worked fine for at least two years until about two months ago. I started losing control of customization of specific keys. Eventually more keys went out. Recently my computer stopped working and was acting funny and not responding. I tried to troubleshoot the normal things and then hooked the keyboard up to my backup computer and that computer also was not working right.


As I was playing around with it, all of a sudden hundreds of pages started loading onto my desktop with messages of DELETE...OMG!!! I unpluged everything as fast as I could. I just sat there thinking some virus was just activated.


After my heart slowed down I thought to try hooking up my new K63 that I just picked up with a Lapboard for when I finish setting up my livingroom. It was a relief to see everything back to normal. Honestly, I'm not sure if I lost anything.


I would be perfectly happy to pickup a K70, Blue Backlighting, Blue Switches, but nothing is available. I'll have to go RGB again and that's OK as it's kind of fun to customize things, but you pay the price.


It comes down to the K70 RGB MK.2 or the K70 LUX. I'm more of a LUX type of person because of the traditional logo and refined style. Are there any advantages or benifits of the MK.2 over the LUX? Which one is the newer model?

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