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Is this H115i Pro pump trend normal?


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Yup. You are looking at the 30 min graph and it just doesn’t have the detail to show 1 second intervals. It makes it look “spikey”. Even on the short 1 min or dashboard version you will see this as well. Notice how the pump RPM always changes in 30s. This is not a real change. In order to predict pump speed in revolutions per minute it needs to measure for a defined interval (let’s say 2 seconds) and multiply the value to read as a per minute value to which we are accustomed. The pump spins fast and what you see is the rounding of the value up or down and then multiplied out (72x30, 71x30, 71x30, 72x30). The real values are probably hopping across the 71.50 line and thus the very even mathematical fluctuations. My example was for the balanced pump speed, which is likely what you want to use for any kind of actual work or load. The Quiet setting will give of a few degrees in coolant at moderate load.
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