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CUE installation caused BSOD which I can’t repair


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Yeah, just pissed and bummed out. Tried 3 days worth of work trying to fix this bluescreen after almost finalization of the CUE installation. My error now is c:\Windows\System32\logfiles\srt\SrtTrail.txt


What CUE version did I dl? I think 3.4.9. Something, I forgot..


Funny thing is, if I try to reset my pc with the troubleshooting options, it returns with a “There was a problem resetting your PC. No changes were made.” For both a clean and program wipe. System restore doesn’t work, system image recovery, going back a previous version,startup repair, startup settings (just takes me back to the “Attempting to repair your pc/ Diagnosing your PC), you know where I’m getting at. Even trying to repair pc with Media installation tool doesn’t work.


Yeah, clueless and pretty bummed out that I didn’t backup my files cause I’d never think installing a program for my keyboard would result in me probably never getting my pc booting again. That also reminds me, I can’t boot up without this error.


My keyboard is a Corsair K70 RGB Refurbished

I don’t know if I posted in the wrong section, but anyone who knows a fix please help me out. I don’t wanna resort to wiping my whole hard drive (if it even works)

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Hi Mochi, Sorry that you're having a BSOD problem. There was a problem with the earlier build, that would cause a BSOD loop.


At this point, I think you have tried everything you can without a clean install. You could try popping the drive into another computer and manually wiping iCUE off of it but I can't guarantee that would work.


this shouldn't happen with iCUE 3.7 Heres a DL link for it http://softwaredownloads.corsair.com/Files/CUE/iCUESetup_3.7.99_release.msi?


Also, did you download 3.4 from Corsairs site?


Again, Sorry about all the trouble your having.

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