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Crystal 570x questions


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1) Absolutely, but there is a catch. You can't just plug the LL in and be done. The LL require a separate interface to connect to the software. This is the Lighting Node Pro (LNP) or Commander Pro (LNP + fan controller). The LNP comes in the LL120x3 and LL140x2 multi-packs, which is usually better than buying it separately. You will still need to use a Corsair RGB Lighting Hub (the 6 port matchbook sized thing) to power the lighting and then there is a second wire for normal fan power and control.


2) Extremely unlikely. The overwhelming majority of motherboards will prevent the wider 280x140mm radiator from sitting up there. Common collisions involve the top ATX plug, VRM heat sink, or even RAM. Those who have done it, often wind up with only 1 fan or having to modify something else. It is possible to put in on the front behind the signature 3x120 RGB fans, then use two more 140s on the back for additional airflow. See here and there are other threads about this. However, the 570X is really dying to have a 360mm H150i up front. If none of the above is acceptable, the H100i PRO 240mm should fit up top leaving enough room for plugs.

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