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Watercooler to match 460X Fans.


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In this year, I got it the 460X and I love it! It is really beautiful.

With the case it came three fans, RGB, not controllabe, SP120.


I am looking for a Watercooler that synchronize perfectly with them, its possible? Since that the fans are not configured by software?


Thanks for the help, and sorry about the english.

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You can solve this several different ways.


1) Get a H150i (360mm), postion it as intake behind the 3 x SP120-RGB, then use your motherboard instead of iCUE/Link to control them.


2) As above, but also get the Commander Pro (iCUE interface and fan controller). This can power the fans, make them lighting accessible along with any other Corsair RGB fans, and you will be able to control them through the software.


3) The above will also work with a 240mm cooler like the H100i PRO.


I am not aware of any 3 pin DC fan compatible, on board fan controller AIO products on the market. To my knowledge all of them are PWM controllers. Most people end of sacrificing the SP120-RGB fans because of this and replacing them with the ML-RGB, LL, or HD series.

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