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EXTREME GPU lag spike during ALL video games


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Bought my Corsair One Pro last December, have had HUGE issues with it since day 1. At first, I kept getting DPC Watchdog violations which resulted in a blue-screen every single time I played more than 30min of any game. By updating my drivers I stopped getting the watchdog violations. Instead, randomly every 15min or so, my GPU will spike to 100% usage (without anything even happening int he game on-screen) and the whole system drops to 4/5 FPS until I minimize and count to 10. The problem goes away for 15min then comes back.


I'm at my wits end here. I have re-installed windows numerous times, re-installed every game I have, downloaded corsair link to make sure my gpu and cpu weren't melting through the ground, disabled background slideshow, and I am now finally running Corsair One Diagnostics on it. By doing so, I believe I may have uncovered the issue, or at least isolated it to a hardware component.


During a full-scan, the video test (the spaceships and the free-floating camera) runs at ~100fps. The CPU and GPU are tasxed to 100% during this time. But during the stress test, I get 4 FPS at best. This is because, even though the diagnostic tool says GPU is at 50% (despite the fact that it should be running at 100% anyway), my task manager's GPU monitor always shows ~5% GPU usage.


Is this stress test normal?

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