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Recommendations for a case for dual 280mm radiators


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Hi all. My first post here even though I have been a happy Corsair product user for many years.


My current system is a bit cramped for space in a well known competitors ATX mid tower case.


It consists of an over locked i7-6700k, overclocked Sapphire Nitro+ rx 480 with 8gb. 16gb Corsair ram, a couple of SSDs and a couple of HDDs all powered by an HX750 PSU.


This is cooled by a D5 pump/reservoir combo routed to GPU and then CPU, and then through a 30mm thick 280mm radiator in a push configuration, and then into a 45mm thick 280mm radiator in a push/pull configuration before the reservoir. Everything works well, but any maintenance or component changes mean I have to break down the loop.


I am after recommendations for a case that will fit the current loop, and give me more room. Current thoughts are the 750D Airflow, or the Air 740. I don’t want to spend more than about €150 if I can help it, but would go to about €200 if I needed to.


I am after quiet over clocking if at all possible, but I am happy to wind the CPU back to stock if required.


Based on this, which case would suit me best from what I have listed, or is there a better case I have not yet found. My poor internet connection where I currently am is making researching this painful, so I am hoping someone has already gone down this route and can offer advice.

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I am doing it now in the 740 Air (front and top). The 740 has the added flexibility of using the bottom in this capacity as well and that was a fall back position if my current set-up slopped. There is not a lot of extra room, but it is symmetrical, and pleasing to look at. This also allowed me to finally run an all 140mm fan build. It is the quietest system, at load I have ever built.
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One clarification to make --- in the 740 if you use front and top 280mm radiator, it is a little difficult with hose insertion points into radiator. Obviously the front rad can have hoses as the bottom. The top is a bit trickier. Mine are in the back and snake around the rear fan. That one is an AIO, so I have some flexibility with tubes. Hard tubing? Difficult. Might need to go into the other side of the case and then to the next stop. This might also be addressed with specific radiator types with parallel plane end cap insertion points. If you go top/bottom or front/bottom, this is not so tight.


You also might be interested in the build linked below. Note they used a 360mm front and 2x240 top and bottom. 3x280 would require some miraculous tube bending and placement and not with hard tubes.



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Thanks for the link.

I don’t have the patience or experience to go hard tube just yet.

It looks tight, but as with many of these builds I need to make sure there is space for storage.


The Air 740 has this behind 5he motherboard tray. To reduce noise, I am trying to avoid opening the top. I still like the quality of Corsair products, ut I may have to go with a competitors case that has loads of space for water cooling.


I just need to make sure it will fit under my desk before ordering it.

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