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Can't control H115i fan speeds


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As the title says, i can't control the fan speeds at all. I used to use LINK and an older version of CUE but i recently did a clean windows install and LINK says that iCUE is controlling the device.


So i go into iCUE and set everything to quiet but nothing changes. I make a custom profile and still things aren't changing. So then i change the map to be at 10% fan power until 70 degrees and still, at 40 degrees my fans start to go nuts. I don't know whats controlling this but it's clear that iCUE isn't.


Any suggestions on what i can do so that my pc doesn't sound like its about to takeoff at 40 degrees?



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1) Make sure you are using coolant temperature (H115i Temp in Link) as the control variable. Weird stuff happens when you try to use CPU package.


2) iCUE does fan settings the opposite way of Link. Instead of clicking the fan, then telling it what preset/curve to use, you do the opposite. Click the preset or curve on the left, then apply it to all fan you want to run that speed. If the fans are not highlighted yellow, you don't have the curve applied. 6 months in and I still catch myself doing it the opposite way now and then.


If neither of those apply, post your H115i tab from iCUE so we can see.

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