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About 10 year old Laptop Memory

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Hi Corsair,


So I've bought a Lenovo laptop 10 years ago and added a 2GB DDR3 1066MHz RAM to the laptop

It worked fine for years till it began to freeze or reboot

The laptop was diagnosed with some software then I took the removable parts out to clean the dust and replaced the thermal paste


Long story short:

The laptop is working fine now without the Corsair RAM which is presumbly dead now

I found the package the RAM was in and it states "Lifetime Limited Warranty"


My question is: Could I get a replacement for it with that warranty?

And what should I do to get it replaced?


Good day,

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I recently got back from a long trip and found the package with replacement unit in it which was picked up by a family member around October





The RAM is working with the laptop


Thanks for the service/support


Happy Holidays,

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