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Nice going Corsair - found a TPM pre-installed. Bit of an assumption it's you guys and not the previous owner. V2.0 incase anyone is wondering.


so... I take this back. I took the side off last night to have a peek - and there is no TPM installed. Weird thing is, one is being reported as present in Device Manager. Anyone else seeing this? Anyone from Corsair able to shed some light on this?


Also any ideas which TPMs are compatible? Presumably the MSI ones?

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So bit the bullet and purchased one.


MSI 914-4136-105 is installed and working fine. The 107 variant should also work, but the 103 variant probably won't.


BIOS needed changing to dTPM rather than the current intel PTT.


On a side note, updating the firmware on these TPM is possible - not sure if that's something Corsair want me posting though...

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