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Temperature Sensor in Corsair Link shows 0 degrees


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Hello ,


One Temperature Sensor from my Mainboard ( Asus ROG Maximus X Code )

shows 0 degrees in Corsair Link.


But when i control the Temperatures from the Sensors in HWINFO the i can see the the Sensor 5 has 15 degrees ?


What can the reason for this ?








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Neither sensor value is correct and that is both programs trying to make sense out of a missing or unreadable Asus motherboard value. Almost all of us with Asus boards will see Temp 5 as 0.0 or occasionally 127C. Neither is possible. Same thing for Temp 4. Nothing in your case is 13 or 15C. Martin may have answered this in more detail on the HWINFO forums at some point, but this is trash data you can ignore.
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