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issues with h100i v2


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I've had this cooler for about 3 years now and everything worked perfectly for about the first two.. I noticed that my temps were a little higher than normal so i contacted corsair customer support and they suggested i disconnect the cooler and shake the tubes and radiator in case any bubbles were clogging up the tubes.. taking their advice i did so and everything was working great again idle temps were around 28c and under load about 60 but as soon as i restarted my computer and went into bios temps spiked up to 80c while idle.. it seems that whenever i go into bios the pump just stops working all together and now that i have my pc back up and running without giving an error I've noticed my temps have changed from 27c idle to 40c.. I'm not to sure what's going on but I'm about ready to throw this thing against the wall.. before i rma it i wanted to see if there was a possible fix or if anyone has had any similar experiences with this particular cooler.. any help would be much appreciated.
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