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problem (Corsair 1024MB DDR400 TwinX 3200XL)


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Hi. I just build a new system from the following parts:


Asus A8N sli Deluxe

amd64 3500+

Corsair 1024MB DDR400 TwinX Matched Pair 3200XL

Xfx Gef 6800 gt pci-e

Antec Neopower 480


When playing games like doom3, cs etc. it all runs fine for about 20 mins, then it suddenly crashes giving memory errors.

When running memtest I get an overload of these errors -> screen

I was also struck by a couple of them good old blue screens, memory dumps :[pouts:


People are telling me this is because I have a defected memory module or is it software/bios based? Hope u guys can help.



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When leaving the voltage at auto it crashes *ALOT* more often and get's me *ALOT* more errors in memtest then when I put the DDR voltage to 2.9... But since I am not over clocking this shouldn't be neccesary right?


k I'll do that right now... Last night I ran prime95 which lasted for over 3 hours when finally getting an error. -> screen


I'll test each module seperately now.


PS: some people are telling me to up my timings, but for ram that's not overclocked why would this be usefull?

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hmz so 1 memory module wasn't bootin but I had a suspicious feeling about the banks on my mobo... so it appears that my A1 memory bank is busted... when using one module it won't boot in A1 but it will in all the others banks...


so instead of faulty memory it's actually just a crappy mobo... srry to have doubted ur quality :(:

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