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:D: Hi there,


My first time posting on this forum, but looks like it would be a great assitance in my issue. Generally, I have booting and freezing issues - nothing major but annoying when having to constantly re-boot (usually from a cold start).


Previously, I've been focusing my attention on my mobo, being that it's fairly trick and sort of known to have fussy settings.


Yesterday, I made a major breakthrough. I, for the heck of it, decided to move my DDR sticks to another slot. They were, according to the manual, in slots 1&2 - this was confirmed by Nvidia System Utility. I've seen that many people on the DFI-street forum have been using CPU-Z, which I downloaded and saw that my DDR stick were in 2&3 (but not according to the mobo manual) . What I did was move a DDR stick from slot 1 to slot 3.


This made an immediate impact, on the next boot I saw a POST message that I've never seen before "DDR Dual Channel Mode Enabled". Funny I thought. Does this mean that I've been running in single channel for the last 6 months? Would this add to my stability problems? Is slot 3 really slot 1 and there's a typo in the manual and on the PCB? Should slots 2&3 be used for dual channel anyway?


Next, I decided to run memtest86. This ran through all tests fine apart from test #4 which had 2 errors. How long should I leave this running? Should I just let it run for a full day or overnight? Is one round of tests sufficient or should it just be left to loop round and round?


I've seen that for my spec PC that errors may be expected in test #4 or #5. Is this true? I have only just seen that I need to set my DIMM voltage to 2.75V, so I'll do that and give memtest86 another go.


Finally, the website says my 3200LLPT should have a platinum Heat Spreader (is this the outer casing?), but my sticks are black. Is this right?


Thanks in advance to anyone who replies to this thread,



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