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Poor RMA Communication

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I have had an issue with my power supply, I believe it contributed to my GPU failing. I submitted a ticket #732139 had the RMA approved, and sent it to the address they gave me. Within 48 hours of my RMA approval, I had a proof of delivery. Since then (01/06/18) I’ve heard nothing about my replacement unit. The only update I have had is because I have updated the ticket asking for one, however, I was told up to 48 hours it should get get shipped, and I’ve heard nothing since.


I’ve also repeatedly asked about any possible compensation for my graphics card, should it have been because of the psu. It has been bypassed and ignored every time.


Is there anyway I can actually get an update on both the RMA and any possible compensation? I was recommended Corsair because of their support, but I am not seeing any reason for that. I think I held up my end getting it to them within two days, and I’ve just been ignored and forgotten.

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