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Corsair Crystal 460X RGB Case Fans RMA (SP120 RGB) (India)


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Hello all, i am from India (Lucknow, UP). I purchased a corsair crystal 460 X RGB from an authorised dealer. few weeks ago, all of the fans's led stopped working so i checked the controller with my friend's SP120s and to my suprise the controller was 100% working. so as the fans were under warranty. i took them to kaizen infoserve for RMA and they accepted it and gave me an RMA number and sent the fans for RMA. Now, today i got a mail saying that the fans do not have serial number on them and they can't process RMA as per their policy. so, i sent them copy of invoice along with cabinet serial number and few pictures of the case for proof. i got a mail saying that

Yes, we have forwarded to concerned dept.


Thank you,


Corsair Support


Now, what should i do? i was told by the customer service to submit the fans so i did and now this? i have although sent the serial number and all which wasn't asked or mentioned anywhere earlier by anyone. can someone please track and forward my request to process the RMA ?


RMA Number is CEL717347C.


Thank You.

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You will need to figure it out with Kaizen. But by policy, we will not accept any returning part without a valid SN sticker.


But those fans came up pre fitted with the cabinet. Can't i claim warranty for those? This is utter pathetic service. Probably my last Corsair product.

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